The virus is a living entity, ever-shifting, ever-adapting. It mutates the infected, birthing new horrors with each passing day. Some sprout grotesque appendages, others develop uncanny senses that pierce the veil of darkness. Each encounter is a lesson, a grim reminder that the rules of survival shift like the sands beneath your feet.


Every survivor bears the marks of the apocalypse. A ragged scar, a haunted gaze, a whispered lullaby for a world lost. These are the badges of valor, the grim testaments to battles fought and victories won. But the scars run deeper than flesh, etching themselves onto the soul.


A half-written love letter found on a windswept rooftop. A child’s forgotten toy nestled in the hollow of a fallen tree. These fragments of normalcy pierce the veil of horror, reminders of the life we lost and the future we desperately cling to.


May 12, 2036 – Year 12
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Confronting the Pandora Outbreak: A Symbiotic Nightmare
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When will Dead Upon Us be released?

Right now Dead Upon Us is in development but will be soon coming to Steam for Early Access!

Who is the developer behind Dead Upon Us?

Hi! My name is Joey Lazar currently I’m solo developing Dead Upon Us. I’m an indie developer located in Pennsylvania, I have over a decade of experience with game design and this game has been my passion project for a long time.

Where I can I buy Dead Upon Us?

Firstly, Thank you! All support is greatly appreciated! At this time you cannot buy Dead Upon Us but you should be able to Wishlist it on Steam! This will help tell you when the game is ready and tell Steam you’re interested!